Incredible Weekend So Far

What were you doing Friday night?  If you ask 23 people, they'll tell you they got baptized.  (I kinda feel like my deepest wish for people was granted in a powerful way.)

I'm extremely grateful for the faithfulness of God as we got to celebrate 23 lives that have been changed through the grace of Jesus Christ.  Friends and family and attenders at both of our campuses cheered and prayed and sang.

We had the privilege of baptizing a dad and his daughter, a mom and her daughter, teens and adults and an entire family.  Incredible!

Plus, it was a perfect night.  Check out the sunset!

Even better, many of those baptized didn't attend church three years ago.  So thank you for helping us create a church that unchurched people love to attend!  We're back in high gear tomorrow at Connexus and I hope you bring your friends.

We're on Part Four of I Wish in Orillia taking about discovering the purpose of our lives.  And I'm going to wrap up the series in Barrie with a message I wish every single person who has ever attended Connexus would hear.  The subject is that important.  Don't miss it!

Here are the details:

Barrie | Galaxy Cinema – 72 Commerce Park Dr. Barrie | 8.30 & 10.00am

Part Five:  I Wish God Would Save Everyone :: Carey Nieuwhof
If God is love, why is Jesus the only way to salvation?  Why doesn’t everyone just get in?  We’ll tackle this hard question and look at something rather shocking:  your role in how God includes everyone in his plan.

Orillia | Galaxy Cinema – 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia | 8.30 & 10.00am (Children’s programs offered at 10.00am)

Part Four:  I Wish God Would Show Me the Purpose of My Life :: Carey Nieuwhof
So how do I know what God wants me to do with my life?  I pray…I ask…but I never seem to get an answer.  How can I live on mission if I don’t know what my mission is?

So looking forward to tomorrow!  Bring some friends!



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