If You Could Wish Upon A Star….

Well it's going to be a fantastic weekend at Connexus.  We're in the final stretches of Born This Way, a practical series designed to help you deal with sin and discover more Christ in your life every day.  Join us at our campuses at 8;30 and 10:00.

And this weekend we're going to introduce you to our iWish Dream Team!  We want you to meet a team whose going to spend five weekends this summer at our campuses trying to grant your wishes.  It's all part of our iWish series that rolls out later this month.  What we need from you is your wish list.  So, meet the team this weekend and start wishing…we'll give you a chance to share your deepest wishes this weekend at Connexus.  What a great opportunity to invite a friend to.

Finally, don't miss this – baptism is happening this summer too!  See below for details.  We'll chat more about it Sunday.

It's going to be great…so bring some friends with you.  Here are the details!

This Sunday at our Campuses

Barrie | Galaxy Cinema – 72 Commerce Park Dr. Barrie | 8.30 & 10.00am

Born This Way | Part Six – Wait for It :: Carey Nieuwhof
If you took a poll, almost everyone would prefer their lives to be ruled by virtues like love, joy, peace and goodness.  But how do you get more of that in your life?  The bible gives us exceptional insight into that.  We’ll wrap up the series exploring how to accomplish what we all want to accomplish.

Orillia | Galaxy Cinema – 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia | 8.30 & 10.00am (Children's programs offered at 10.00am)

Part Five ::  No Surprises :: Carey Nieuwhof
More than once in your life, you’ve likely been surprised about where you ended up.  You didn’t intend to be where you were, but you ended up there anyway.  How does that happen?  The bible gives us surprising insight into how we end up with the life we’re living and  – more importantly – how to change course.

Baptism on the Lake | Friday, August 12

Have you made a personal decision to trust Christ with your life recently?  Then your next step is to be baptized.  Join us Friday, August 12th at  6:30 p.m. on Bass Lake. Get the process started by picking up a baptism information pack this Sunday, from the Guest Services Centre in the foyer at either of our campuses.  For more information about this event click here.   If you want to participate don’t miss out, the application deadline is July 31.



  1. Chris Sorlie says, July 10, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Carey,
    Chris Sorlie here. I’m a Worship Leader at Bethel Community Church here in Barrie. We’ve met a few years ago. I “take a holiday” every now and then and come to hear you preach! Always enjoy your sermons. I never knew you ride a bike. What kind is it? (carbon fiber I trust!) I ride a recumbent. A lot slower than your bike no doubt. Probably a bit more comfortable! I prayed for almost two years before buying my bike basically because I was concerned about Idolatry (Gal 5:20) the very passage you dealt with today! I tend to “get into” things at times but I’ve had the bike for a couple of years and all is well.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Carey Nieuwhof says, July 13, 2011 at 10:53 am

      Thanks Chris…You have a great heart to really look into idolatry that deeply….good thought. Thanks for the encouragement. We love what God is doing through Bethel!

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