How to Egg Your Neighbours House

Spring has Sprung!

There is so much excitement in the turning of the seasons from Winter to Spring. As chicks are hatching, trees are beginning to bud, and the snow is finally melting away, new life is springing up all around us.

As someone who's favourite season is Summer, the changing of the seasons from Winter to Spring, I can't help but be reminded of hope. Not only the hope for warmer days (although I'm sure God knows exactly when I've had enough with the bleakness of Wintery days), but the hope that comes with the Easter season.

As a kid growing up, Easter was one my favourite holidays. An Easter Egg hunt was always a part of our Easter celebrations with friends and family – and my parents often used the extra time we had in the morning (we were always up early to hunt for our eggs before church!) to share with us the hope we have as a result of what God had done for us in the resurrection of Jesus.

For so many people, eggs are a big part of their Easter traditions. Whether it's dying them bright colours, hunting for them around your house, or sharing eggs filled with treats with with friends and family.

This year, we'd LOVE to help you create some Easter fun with your family … by Egging a friend or neighbours house! … hold on … it's not the egging you're thinking! 😉

We know there are families in your neighbourhood, or friends from your kids' schools that your kids might like to invite to join them at church on a Sunday. So, we've created these Egg Kits for you to take home this week at church!

There are instructions inside the kits you'll pick up on Sunday – but I'll give you the inside scoop:

  1. Fill the eggs with your favourite candies … I think the good stuff works best! 🙂
  2. Choose a family you'd like to invite to Easter Weekend at Connexus this year. (It's a great idea to see who your kids might like to invite too!)
  3. Have fun with it! Plan to spend some time and head over to that family's house to hide the filled eggs in their yard. There's a fun door knocker that you'll leave at their door – to let them know that it was your family that egged their house (otherwise they might think the Easter Bunny got confused!).
  4. Check back in with them! Make sure they found all of their eggs – and see if they'd like to join you at Connexus for Easter Weekend 🙂

Super fun, right?

I'm personally really excited to get to do this this year, and have already made plans to “egg” the house across the street from me 🙂 I know their girls will have so much fun finding the filled Easter eggs!

Don't forget to pick up your Egg Kit this Sunday at Connexus!


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