Heart Break Journal – Day Six | September 5th

Carey – 6:15 a.m.
So last night I think I crashed.  This is my sixth full day without eating, and last night I think my body noticed that it was the end of day five.  I was really tired, my stomach was upset and I felt awful.  I slept nine hours and that helped.  I also realized how addicted I am to comfort.

In Matthew 4:2, Matthew notes that Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights "and became very hungry".  I'm sure my discomfort is probably a nano-fraction of Jesus'.  Satan also went right at Jesus for those forty days.  Can you imagine?  Now try walking with Jesus through the next three years of surges of popularity, opposition, hatred, betrayal and (there is no way for me to access this, I think) crucifixion.  He was innocent.  His enemies were not.  He loved them.

What kind of love is that?  What kind of embrace of a broken world is that?  Can even the edge of my very small mind begin to comprehend that?  What are the implications for the people of our cities?  What is the implication for you and me? What does that say about the heart and character of God?  What does it say about the life I normally live compared to the life of Jesus?

Things to ponder on day 6…..

Carey – 11:20 a.m.
I've posted some more thoughts on what God has been doing in my heart here.  To summarize how that plays out at Connexus…there are 162,896 potential stories God could write this weekend in the Barrie area alone (that's how many people won't be in church).  37, 290 potential stories in Orillia. Wow.  Ponder that!

God cared enough about those potential stories to go to the cross….ponder that.


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