Four Ways for You to Grow – Part Two

Good feedback from people already on our first post on growth.  Both on line and in person, many of you have come forward and said "Yep…not reading my bible or praying, and I know it's not good for me."  That's step one to making a change.  The next is to do something about it.  Excited and encouraged that many more may be getting to know God more closely this week by dusting off their bible and starting a conversation with God!

Now onto the second way to grow your relationship with God – join a community group.  Ultimately, growing spiritually means deepening your relationship with God and with people.  That's what community groups are all about. The details are here on line, but the short of it is that across Central Ontario, hundreds of adults gather in clusters of 6-10 people in homes each week to track with each other, pray for each other and study a bit of the bible together. 

People who join community groups experience several things:

  1. You realize you're not alone on your journey.  There are other people like you who have the same questions, struggles and issues.  And you can enter an authentic dialogue with them about faith, God and life.
  2. Someone's got your back.  In a community group, you find people will pray for you, track with you and encourage you.
  3. You've got someone to celebrate with.  People in community groups develop friendships and celebrate life's milestones with each other.  Plus, they eat good food.
  4. God becomes more real as you combine your life with scripture and community.  As you discuss the bible, share your life, and pray together, the integration of faith and life becomes so much easier.

My community group met last night.  I promise you, our group has deep meaning for each of us in it.  It's a privilege to share life, hope and Christ with each other.

If you want to grow, get in a group. Fortunately, your next chance to get in a group happens this Sunday, September 21st from 7-9 at Group Link.  Don't miss it!

– Carey


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