Every day our friends and neighbours feel like life is against them, and in some cases God is against them. Some even think the church is against them.

Imagine if people in the cities of Barrie, Midland and Orillia knew that Connexus was a community of people who was FOR the city? Even more importantly, what if our church and our lives became a megaphone to let the people around us know that Jesus is FOR them?

Here’s what we believe:

People won’t know Jesus is FOR them if they don’t know that we are FOR them.

Connexus isn’t just a place where we gather for church services, it’s who we are as a community as we gather and as we go. We are committed to creating environments on Sundays at our locations, and all week long at our kitchen tables, in our backyards, or our desks at work etc. where we can be in people’s corners because we want them to know that Jesus is in their corner.

We believe that the vision that God has for our church and lives will be determined by the size of our hearts for people.


Environments FOR People to Explore Jesus

Every Sunday we are dedicated to creating irresistible environments for people of all ages to discover Jesus.

BE FOR 4 People

Commit to intentionally getting in the corner of 4 people in your circle who feel like life, God, or even the Church would be against them. Choose to be FOR 4 People TODAY.

FOR our Local Partners

We are committed to being FOR our local community partners the Barrie Food Bank and The Lighthouse Shelter.