FORTheCity Devotion Day 6 – Jesus Loves Awkward Moments

By Jeff Brodie, Lead Pastor at Connexus Church

READ John 4:1-30


One of the things that always strikes me about this account of Jesus and the woman at the well, is the overall awkwardness of the conversation.

Jesus is Jewish and a man, while she is a Samaritan and a woman. In addition to this, we learn that her home life is complicated, and something that would have garnered her a “reputation” at that time. Culturally, in those days, this is a conversation that shouldn’t be happening on multiple levels. As you read the passage, you can almost feel the levels of awkwardness for them, and for anyone watching.

But, Jesus continues to push through the awkwardness for the sake of the relationship.

He drank from her water jug, he spoke to her, he asked her questions with genuine interest in her life, and most of all, he shared hope with her.

What if Jesus hadn’t had this conversation? What if he decided to take a pass because it was too uncomfortable or awkward?

You see, I think the most powerful moments in our lives are often the most awkward. I also think some of the most amazing things in our lives are on the other side of the awkwardness. Most of all…

I think God shows up when we push through awkwardness for the sake of a relationship.

Jesus’ willingness to push through the awkwardness, and to bring hope, changed this woman’s life and the lives of those around her forever. He did the same with tax collectors, prostitutes, pharisees, even his friends.

For Jesus, life change was often on the other side of the awkward conversation.


Often the awkward moments in our lives are the most powerful moments.


As we choose to be FOR the city by being FOR the people of the city, we need to be willing to push through the awkwardness that sometimes comes with a new relationship. Maybe today you need to introduce yourself to that new neighbour (or the old one who’s name you forgot), or buy lunch for that new coworker you don’t know, or invite that couple over who are in a hard situation and need to hear some hope right now.


God, this week as I encounter moments when I know I should be FOR the person in my neighbourhood, at work, or on the sidelines, but it feels awkward, help me to have the courage to push through the awkwardness knowing that a powerful moment, a connection, or a friendship may be on the other side. I pray that you would use that encounter as an opportunity to speak hope into that person’s life.

Haven’t signed up to be FOR Four people in your city? Pray that God would lead you to four people and register here.


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