For Those Who Aren’t Here

The church is the only organization that exists for the benefit of its non-members.

That's why I love Amber's story. She talks about how she never felt a sense of belonging until she found Christ.

The drift in church (and in life) is to always put yourself first and not think about the needs of others.  But if the church has made a difference in your life, here's a question to think about:  what if the church shut down the day before you showed up?  What if we just decided enough people knew Christ…enough people had hope…enough were fine with God.  We could just pack up and go home.

Had that happened twenty years ago when I was searching, I'm not sure where I would be.

I'm so glad you were there for Amber.  I'm so glad Amber's now here for others.  We're not done yet.  In fact, we've just started.

– Carey


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