Figuring It Out

Are you trying to figure out God's plan for your life?  Are you curious about what makes Connexus tick?  Then read on! 

Being part of a church with a mission that aims at reaching a demographic others might not reach is exciting to say the least!  We're often approached by people who are anxious to learn how and why we do ministry the way we do at Connexus.  We not only love encouraging people within our own church and local community, but we love encouraging leaders from all over North America and around the globe.  We are excited about what we do, and even more excited to use it to encourage and develop young and vibrant up and comers!  Having not yet encroached my 40s, I am leaning in the direction of being one of the oldest people on staff, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm the wisest.  We have some brilliant young leaders and amazing young volunteers that sharpen me daily! 

If hearing of an opportunity to develop your leadership skills amongst
some pretty incredible people while experiencing what makes Connexus
ticks excites you, you'll want to consider applying to one of our Part
Time Children's Ministry Intern Positions.  You'd commit to giving 21
hours per week for the next 6-12 months, but in return you'd receive an
opportunity that could be life changing. To check out all of the details  click here.  For additional information or to apply for one of the positions you can contact me directly at [email protected] 

Jenn Bailey | Director of Children's Ministry


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