Facebook – A New Way to Start a Conversation


So you have that friend you've been meaning to invite to Connexus, but you don't know how to start the conversation.  How do you invite him?  Drilling down a little deeper, how do you start a spiritual conversation?

If you know Connexus, you know we're passionate about that.  We're passionate about people who follow Jesus having conversations about spiritual things with people who don't yet follow Jesus.

We want to give you a new way to start the conversation: facebook.  As you probably know by now, we relaunched our Facebook Page this week, making it not only a one stop shop for all things Connexus, but a chance for you to interact with us and with each other.

We've even started posting our weekly messages on our wall, giving you chance to watch them there.  When you interact with us on our wall, that shows up in your newsfeed.  And it also shows up in your friends' newsfeeds.  The more you comment and interact authentically, the more your friends will see that faith is something that matters to you and you are having intelligent, meaningful conversations with people about it.

Which might in fact, prompt a conversation between you and your friend.

So if you haven't liked our page on Facebook yet, you can do it right now.  And as you interact with us online, that might even spark a conversation that ends up changing your friend's life.

– Carey