Everybody’s Overqualified

 One of the things I love about Connexus is the people who volunteer their time to serve among us.

I have a theory – everybody who serves is overqualified for what they do.  During the week, they teach students, manage departments, repair engines, run businesses, treat patients, negotiate mortgages, raise kids and serve customers.  On the weekend, they haul gear, drive trailers to our campuses, serve as small group leaders for our kids, and greet people as they show up Sunday.  

Everyone of our volunteers could be doing something else.  But they're not.  They sling cables, change diapers in Waumba Land, hand out programs while welcoming people to our services, and sit around giggling with Grade 6 girls as small group leaders.  And they pour their hearts into it. 

You would never know who the CEO is or who is in the entry level position in retail.  They all just serve together, side by side, humbly and pretty much always with a smile and great attitude. 

Did I tell you I love our volunteers?  

Did you know you can join them?

We have an awesome opportunity as our kids ministry is expanding at both campuses.  In Barrie alone, we're expanding Waumba Land by 50% in the next number of weeks.

I hope you'll consider serving alongside this extraordinary group.  It really is remarkable.  It might not even be what you give out the deal that surprises you the most.  It might be what you get. 

If you want to serve, please email Julia (for general information) or Jenn if you would love ot be part of our kids ministry expansion!

In the meantime, what do you love about the people who serve at Connexus?

– Carey Nieuwhof


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