Everybody Spends Forever Somewhere

Sometimes we're tempted to think our spiritual investments in our friends don't matter that much.

But we would be wrong.  I love how Matt begins his story of baptism by talking about a friend who invited him out.  When we baptized him, it marked the fact that he has surrendered his life to Jesus.  Matt's video gives us great evidence of why he's excited about the changes happening in his life right now.  I love his enthusiasm.  See for yourself:

And this is also true.  Because of his faith in Christ, Matt is going to spend eternity with Christ, not without him.  Everybody spends forever somewhere, and when someone surrenders their life to Christ, it doesn't just change now, it changes forever.

Thank you for investing in the lives of people who don't yet know how much their heavenly father loves them.   When they discover that, it changes everything.

– Carey


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