Ever Want to Put Someone on the Hotseat?

So Hotseat is quickly becomes one of our most discussed and watched series of 2011.  So glad we're able to engage issues you and your friends are talking about.  Which should be no surprise, because the Bible engages some of the toughest issues you can think of.

Missed some of the series?  Want to hear it or see it again?  You can download all of our messages for free online through our:

iTunes audio podcast

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You can stream any message in audio or video online via our website.  Plus during this series, we've been doing a bonus video blog with follow up questions online.  Here's the bonus video on hell, and here's the bonus video on the reliability of scripture.

Want to invite someone to the series? Of course you can call them, or just send them an e-vite.  Invite someone to Orillia here or to Barrie here.

We're excited for Sunday.  Don't miss it and make sure you bring that friend who always peppers you with tough questions every time you get together!

Barrie Campus

Hotseat Part Three: Why is Sex Only for Married People? :: Carey Nieuwhof
Why does God seem uptight about sex? Can't two loving people just decide to be intimate? This week we'll look at God's design behind sex, and why he's passionate about sex realizing its context in marriage.

8:30 & 10:00 a.m. Galaxy Cinema Barrie

Orillia Campus

Hotseat Part Two:  How Do We Know the Bible Is Reliable? :: Carey Nieuwhof
Many teachings in the bible are controversial.  How can we be sure that the bible is even accurate? Does it actually make sense to base your life on a book that was written thousands of years ago? How can we know if the bible can be trusted?

8:30 & 10:00 a.m. Galaxy Cinema Orillia (Children’s Environments @ 10am)

Thanks for reading to the bottom.  So here's a bonus for you: we announce our Christmas service times and locations Sunday.  I haven't been this excited about a Christmas Eve service in years.  Can't wait!

Can't wait to see what God is going to do in your life and the life of your friends on Sunday!



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