Emily’s Story

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  I've been locked down with our elders and leadership team over the last two days doing some medium and long term planning for Connexus.  It's been awesome.  So excited by what's ahead for our families and for our community!

Today I'd love for you to watch Emily's story.  Emily is one of dozens of teens who attends InsideOut every week and whose life is being shaped by the Gospel. She serves as a leader in our kids ministry as well, but most amazingly, she is being changed in the process.  She took a bold stand for Christ in being baptized.

Emily's story encourages me on so many fronts…not the least of which is that she's my niece.

It's wonderful to be part of a community that impacts not just many families, but your own family. So grateful to be part of it.

– Carey


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