Day 8 – October 17, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey


READ Acts 4: 13


It was June 5, 1989 and in Tiananmen Square a lone man stands in front of a column of Chinese tanks. We don’t know who he is but we did see what he did. I am sure growing up in China that all those who knew him never said ‘there goes a man that will stand in front of a column of tanks’. The guys driving the tank would not drive over him. It was really an amazing feat. Something in him said “enough, I will stand.”

Peter and John showed boldness to the leaders in Jerusalem and they did not have some extensive background from a prestigious institute of learning. They were not famous athletes, high ranking officials, or business tycoons – they were average, everyday fishermen. Peter and John challenged the authority of their day with the message of truth and love that was lived out by Jesus Christ. These average men stood for Christ in a world that had sentenced Christ to death on a cross. They had a boldness to tell others about the freedom that a life with Christ brings.

Being men of God changed them to men who stood and were courageous in front of a system that was against what they stood for. The man in the square stood in front of tanks with courage even though the system was against him. We have that ability in all of us to stand – it just takes faith to enact it.


One man stood alone against a column of tanks, 2 men stood alone for Christ, you have  the same faith and same message inside of you. These average men made an impact for the kingdom of God that we feel to this very day because they had the same faith you and I possess, and their Boldness changed the world.


Average people with faith can stand even against adversity, so be bold in your world and watch it change.


Lord grant me the measure of faith I need to be the person who stands when the time comes.

Rob Pinches


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