Day 6 – Why Your Doubts Don’t Disqualify You

Your Next 40 Days - Day 6


Matthew 28:9-10; 16-17


We’ve been working through the resurrection story this week on Your Next 40 Days.

I wonder if at any point this week you thought:

If I only could have been there 2000 years ago and seen it for myself, I would have believed.

But I didn’t see it for myself, and I’ve got…well…doubts.

You probably think you’re all alone. That Christians don’t doubt.

You might even think that your doubts disqualify you from being a Christian or serving God as a Christian.

Strangely, in Matthew 28 it’s clear that people who saw Jesus, touched Jesus and knew Jesus still doubted too.  Look at verse 17:

When they saw him (Jesus) they worshipped him – but some doubted.

You would think that Jesus would have dismissed them for doubting.

But he didn’t. You know what he did instead?

He built the church on them.  

Every one of those 11 disciples went on to play a significant role in the early church.

Eventually, they probably started to doubt their doubts.  And even as new doubts arose, they kept serving, kept growing and kept being used by God to accomplish some incredible things – like changing the world.

Their doubts didn’t disqualify them.

And neither do yours.


Belong – Because you can belong before you believe.
Did you realize you can belong but still doubt? The church is full of people who have found faith in the midst of very real doubts. You are not alone.

Believe – Because those who belong often start to believe.
If you’re holding back on believing in Jesus because you still doubt, reconsider that. Jesus accepted and used people who doubted.

Become – Because everyone who believes can become someone new.
Your doubts may never go away, but don’t let them disqualify you from serving God every day.

Dear God, thank you for the honesty of Scripture.  Thank you that even people who saw you with their own eyes and touched you with their own hands still doubted.  And yet you used them. Use me today, despite my doubts. Through Christ I pray, Amen.

– by Carey Nieuwhof


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  1. christopher says, April 6, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    It’s not the doubts of faith in God that I feel as concerned about…rather the doubts of WHERE and HOW I am serving…purpose…am I really supposed to be HERE doing THIS when it seems that once a week I hit a really decent high followed by a disappointing low. the high comes from seeing fruit of the effort…the low, more often than not, coming from out of a dark corner while my back is turned…frustrating. I hope I’m not confusing the issue you raise.

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