Day 6 – October 15, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey


READ Exodus 36: 1-7


Growing up, sports were always a significant part of my life. I played individual sports like tennis and golf but I really enjoyed team sports like basketball, soccer and football…the competition, the camaraderie and having others rely on your contribution made team sports very intense and exciting.

I was about 14 and my soccer team was in the playoffs, in the hunt for a championship that year. It was nearing game time this particular evening and we only had 8 players on the field only moments away from the opening whistle. While 11 players usually take the field, the rule in our league was that you had to have at least 9 players to play, or else you forfeited the game.

The start time came and went and we still didn’t have a 9th player so we were forced to forfeit the game. I was not happy to say the least, nor were my teammates or coaches. It was incredibly demoralizing to work so hard all season only to fall short because some of my teammates failed to show up. Our success up to that point was because everyone contributed and made a difference in the outcome of every game. On this particular night, we fell short as a team because not everyone participated.

In today’s Scripture reading, we see that God had a plan to build a tabernacle, a place where God Himself would dwell with His people. This plan could only come together if everyone participated – some who would actually build the sanctuary but with everyone giving generously. In fact, they were so generous that they eventually had more than enough and Moses had to ask the people to stop giving. What a testimony to what can be done when everyone participates, not only a few. Makes you wonder what they would have forfeited if everyone had not joined in God’s plan.


God’s will was only fulfilled as everyone responded generously.


Perhaps there are times when you and I feel like we don’t have much to offer God…that we wouldn’t make a difference anyway. But our passage reminds us that so much more can be accomplished when we all respond, and respond generously, rather than leaving it to others.


God, may I be willing to give away what you have given me in order to accomplish your plans. Help me to be generous with my time, my skills and my resources and help me see that I am part of something that is bigger than me.

Dan Barber


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