Day 4 – October 13, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey


READ 1 Kings 17: 1-24


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenges of living life? Are the tough times too difficult to deal with? We often just get past one problem and begin to feel comfortable when another issue pops up. An illness, a difficult diagnosis, a wayward child, an aging parent, financial or marital problems of our own or family and friends can too often leave us in a position where we feel as if everything is against us. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can cope on our own but we soon realize that our own strength is not enough. Wise counsel from family, friends, and small group relationships can help us deal with life issues but ultimately our relationship with Jesus is necessary to heal and move forward. Even when one miracle occurs we know it is not the end of our troubles. We need to continue to boldly put our faith in God in order to meet challenges with clarity and assurance. God is always on our side even though our troubles may seem insurmountable.

Elijah found God’s help in strange places, the Raven’s in the Kerith Ravine and in Zarephath from a widow and her son who fed him and gave him lodging. The Widow’s small act of faith in preparing her last food for Elijah resulted in her receiving enough to eat on a continuous basis. This miracle began with an act of obedience and the result was more than she could ever imagine. When the unimaginable happened and her son was dying she once again turned to Elijah . This time Elijah boldly asked the Lord to return life to the widow’s son and another miracle happened. The widow’s boldness resulted in life for her child.


Often miracles seem to be out of reach because our faith is so small. Miracles only result after an act of obedience. This small step of faith may not give us the result that we had hoped for but as we continue to boldly depend on our Father we will be able to face whatever trials come in the days ahead.


As we help one another deal with the daily challenges we each face, why not boldly share the many miracles that have been part of your life experience. So often we are looking for great things and forget the joys of everyday living. Joys that make the tough days easier and give us an opportunity to live and share life together.


Give me the courage Father to share my everyday miracles boldly with those around me.

Corine Gray


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