Day 36 – November 14, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey


READ Isaiah 38: 1-8


When seeking devotional direction, are you ever tempted to skip over portions of the Old Testament thinking it may be a little dry? Well, today’s message has all the excitement of a 21st century action thriller: good guys, bad guys, suspense, drama, soul searching and an epic ending!

The lead role belongs to King Hezekiah, a faithful king who took every situation to God through the advice of the prophet Isaiah. Hezekiah is being threatened by a powerful bully, the king of Assyria, whose army vastly outnumbered Judah’s.

We begin with a strange turn of events. Although Hezekiah is in his prime (scholars believe 39 years old), he is told to get his affairs in order because he is going to die!

Hezekiah is understandably distraught and goes to God, asking Him to remember the good life he had lived. Through Isaiah, God spoke with a message of compassion that He was listening and saw Hezekiah’s tears. God then promises to add 15 years to Hezekiah’s life, protecting him and his city from the king of Assyria. God confirmed his promise with a sign: the lengthening shadow on the palace sundial was supernaturally reversed. What Hezekiah didn’t know was that while he was before God, dealing with his own life or death, God was also working on the larger picture. Miraculously, during the night, all 185,000 enemy soldiers died in their camp, the bully King abandoned his men and was later found and killed by his very own sons!


God cares deeply about your situation. He hears your prayers and sees your tears. And  he is working behind the scenes on the larger picture, even if we can’t yet see it.


Each of us can find ourselves somewhere in this story. At times we wrestle with God, pleading our case. Other times we are in a position of leadership feeling a sense of urgency for others. And other times we are spectators looking on at seemingly impossible events. Each of these positions offers us a choice: will we handle the situation ourselves or turn it over to God? Will we lean into God when times are difficult or blame him? Faith is a BOLD leap into the unknown, relying on God’s grace and wisdom to work all things out for good.


Lord please look at my life; it is only your power that can make any difference. Work in every detail of my life for my sake and others. Help me to be BOLD in my witness and service to you and allow others to capture a glimpse of your glory!

LA Doyle


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