Day 32 – November 10, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey


READ Matthew 25: 14-30 // The Parable of the Talents


God has given us a gift; namely, the gathering of people we call Connexus. It’s a vision God gave to a group of people, led by our senior pastor.

God has entrusted us with this gift and expects us to use it boldly. He is the one who will assess our use of the resources He has given us. In Matthew 25, we read of 3 different servants who were entrusted with their master’s money. Different amounts were issued, proportionate to each person’s abilities.

I can somewhat identify with the servant in Matthew 25:24 who was fearful of losing what he was given and therefore buried the silver to keep it safe. What circumstances made this servant fearful? Why can I identify with him? Am I fearful of not having enough? Do I want to hang on to what I have, just in case God is not aware of my needs now, or in the near future, or maybe years from now? These questions do not capture a bold trust in God, do they? How can I tackle this fear? Rick Warren wrote recently in one of his tweets “Every time you give into your fear, you feed it and it grows stronger. Face it, don’t feed it.”

Oh, how often I must remember how God has always, always provided for us. He is faithful and generous! I love this quote by Louie Giglio “The degree to which we believe in heaven is mirrored in the amount we are investing in the kingdom work of God”.

We have a plaque on our wall at home which states: “Be still and know that I AM.” Psalm 46:10. To read this and place my trust in these words, casts out my doubts and fears.


God expects us to use what he has given us for the benefit of the Kingdom, whether it is our money or our skills and talents.


Think about what resources and gifts God has given you to share and begin to share them at Connexus.


Thank you, God, for your gifts to us. May our lives reflect our knowledge of who You are. Help us to share our gifts boldly, to honour you and Jesus Christ, who gave His all.

Marten Nieuwhof


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