Day 14 – Preach: Me? Yeah Right!



2 Timothy 4:2-4


Growing up, I had a friend who lived across the street from me. He was a few years older than me, which was kind of cool, especially when he started driving.

One day while we were hanging out in his room listening to music, I noticed a Bible on his nightstand, so I asked him about it. He told me that he read every day; in fact he had read the entire thing over and over.

Knowing he didn’t go to church and I certainly wouldn’t label him as “religious” in any way, I asked him the obvious question, “Why do you read the Bible?” He told me that he thought it was great literature and interesting to read.

As someone who attended church regularly, I didn’t disagree with my friend but today’s passage implies that we should go way beyond reading the Bible for our personal enjoyment…we’re challenged to preach it.

Preach…you’re kidding right? Isn’t that the pastor’s job? Well yes, but maybe it’s yours and mine as well?



  • To deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people      or
  • To earnestly advocate a belief or course of action

We’re not just to preach or advocate for any old opinion or perspective, but preach “the Word of God”.

How do you react to that? How you answer that question probably reflects what you believe about the Bible.

Is the Bible…

  • Just another book on your shelf?
  • A good read?
  • A book you’re never read?
  • Fiction? History? Philosophy?
  • Or is it God’s word to us?

What do you think? Are you ready to preach?


Belong – Because you can belong before you believe.
Have you ever sat down just to read the Bible? Why don’t you try it? Maybe you won’t understand it all…that’s okay. If it’s okay to belong before you believe, then it’s okay to read the Bible even if you’re not sure about it.

Believe – Because those who belong often start to believe.
Are there parts of the Bible that are easier to believe than others? difficult for you to believe or accept?

Become – Because everyone who believes can become someone new.
Have you made reading the Bible a priority? What does it mean to preach the word of God, not only read it?

Dear God, Thank you for revealing who you are in your word. Help me to not only read it, but to believe it, live it and share it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

– by Dan Barber


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