Day 14 – October 23, 2012 – 40-Day Spiritual Journey


READ Matthew 14: 22-29


I think when people read these verses (I know I do) I automatically skim through to the familiar part of Jesus calling Peter out of the boat. What I noticed this time is that before Jesus performed this great miracle through Peter, He went to be alone. Alone to pray, to spend time with his heavenly Father. I think in my own attempt to be a bold person, (which if you know me, comes pretty naturally) I skip over the important part of spending that time alone with the Lord. Sometimes I’m so busy serving Him that I forget that the first step in being bold is drawing that strength FROM Him. How can we truly be bold unless we are receiving strength from the one who is able to make us bold? If Jesus, being perfect and without sin, thought it necessary to stay up for half the night to be with his heavenly Father, how much more time and glory should we give Him also? I am pretty good at staying on a schedule, reading my bible and spending that time with Him. When it’s convenient and fits into my schedule. But should it be, maybe, that my schedule flows around that time?
I notice in my own life that God grants me far more opportunities to be “bold” to witness and to talk about him when I spend that time with Him. When I have the order right. When I don’t, it almost seems forced, more unnatural.


To be bold, to do miracles, to walk on water, we must first be alone with our heavenly  Father.


What is your schedule flowing around?


Lord, help me to love you so much that I run to the time I spend with you. That I come with an open heart. Lord, I want you to be my first priority of each day and out of that, help me see the fruit you are producing through my life

Jessie Whittaker


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