Day 12 – October 21, 2012 – 40-Day Spiritual Journey


READ Matthew 9: 18-25


About a year ago, a dear friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Everything seemed to be picture perfect.  A few days later at a routine appointment, a concerning appearance to his skin was noticed.  In no time at all, they were rushed into a room and a team of doctors were working on their baby.  “Your son is very sick”, they were told.  “He needs immediate care or the will die.”. The parents were in disbelief.  This can't be happening.  Before long, they were transferred to the nearest children's hospital only to learn devastating news.  Their precious baby had a rare and serious heart defect that would require open heart surgery.

A few days after the surgery, I went to visit them at the hospital.  Her eyes swollen from tears and lack of sleep, my dear friend sat at the bedside  of her beautiful baby boy and recounted the events that had transpired in the last several days.  I remember her expressing the emotions she went through.  The disbelief that something could be wrong, demanding a second opinion, trying to grasp what was happening.  A woman with a strong faith for may years, she was honest in admitting her anger toward God for allowing this to happen.

At her lowest point, she cried out and gave her baby's life completely into the healing hands of Jesus.  She recalled that she was filled with peace.  She knew that her baby belonged to God and decided that no matter the outcome, it would be okay.  God healed my friend's baby.  He pulled through his heart surgery and many complications during his time at the hospital and my friends took their precious baby boy home.  He is a smiling, crawling, amazing little boy…literally a gift from God.

Imagine the fear the woman who reached out to touch Jesus' garment, and the leader of the synagogue had to overcome to have faith in Jesus to heal.  Imagine the courage it took for my friend to put the life of her child in the hands of God.  That is bold faith.  Completely trusting God, no matter what the outcome.



We can boldly put all of our faith in God, even in the most hopeless circumstances.


Whatever we are faced with, He's waiting for us.  We need to be honest with God about our doubts and fears and trust God with our situation.  We need to reach out to Him with faith that He will take care of us.  Trust God with your life, and share with others how having faith in God has brought you through difficult circumstances.


Let's pray for bold faith.  Faith that helps us reach out to Jesus, no matter how hopeless it may seem.  Faith that transforms us, no matter what the outcome.

Melissa Walker


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