Day 10 – October 19, 2012 – 40 Day Spiritual Journey



READ Esther 4:1-17


I tend to have one of two reactions to a problem. I either charge right in with my solution, or I take the time to poll all my friends and family, asking what they would do.

In this story, we see how Esther does neither. After one pivotal statement from her cousin Mordecai, she steps back, leans into God and relies on Him to guide her in the problem.

Esther’s immediate solution to the problem was to ask Mordecai and the local Jewish community to fast and pray, and she and her closest companions would do the same. See the difference between her and me? Sure I would go to my inner circle of friends, but I would worry, get all worked up, and create stress for us all. Three days of fasting and praying? I don’t think so! Most likely, I would make a choice and then ask God to be with me as I followed through with MY plan.

Esther does it differently. She, in a sense, withdraws from outer-influence, and focuses solely on God. Distractions are removed so she can be present and attentive. As she first heard of the horrific problem, I am sure she was scared, confused and felt helpless. Just one sentence from her cousin, and history was changed. He simply said “maybe it was for a time like this that you were made Queen”. That one comment brought her the clarity she needed to remember to seek God and His will. She leaned into God, not her friends. She sought His solution to the problem, not hers. It took big faith and patience. I imagine she had doubts, yet she chose to be bold and obeyed God’s will and carried through with the two banquets.


Queen Esther lived at a specific time and was chosen by God to do a specific thing for His people.


What has God laid on your heart? Most of us aren’t going to save a generation of people, but maybe God has placed us, at this time, in a particular spot, to do something for Him.


Dear God, I don’t have the faith and patience that Esther has. You know that I try to solve dilemmas myself, rushing in with my solution. Lord Jesus, help me to slow down, to fast from things that steal my attention from you, to pray with open ears and patience and, Lord, I pray for the courage to listen to You and obey boldly.

Diane Gratrix


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  1. Rachel says, October 19, 2012 at 6:35 am

    I love the story of Esther, and so thankful for the reminder that we were put in our particular situation for just this moment, this time. You wrote it beautifully…thanks for the encouragement.

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