Creating New Memories to Share this Easter

As we get closer to Easter weekend amidst social isolation, many of us are left to create new memories, add new twists to family traditions, and brainstorm new ways to celebrate the season. For Joel and I – we’re creating all new traditions as we enter into our first Easter season as newlyweds. 

Easter has been one of my favourite holidays for a long time! All of the flowers beginning to pop up out of the ground reminding us that summer is soon on its way, gathering with family over big meals with the best desserts, celebrating on Easter Sunday at church (it’s always one of my favourite services of the year!), and of course … eating my fair share of mini eggs. However, with all of the recent changes in our world, I’m looking for new ways to create those same emotions and experiences I’ve loved about past Easter seasons. 

With everyone staying home for the weekend (and for the next few weeks!), I wanted to share with you three great ways that you can celebrate Easter with all of us at Connexus from home this weekend. 

  1. Join Jeff Brodie and his family for a live living room communion experience on Good Friday. This day marked the beginning of a 3-day journey that would forever change eternity for all of humanity. I’m looking forward to gathering alongside our entire church at 10:00 am EST as we reflect on the significance of the unique love Jesus displayed for each one of us – you and I included! If you’d like to invite your kids to participate in this experience with you, here’s a great video to help you talk about the meaning of communion with them. Don’t forget to prepare some juice and bread or crackers, too! Here’s a bread recipe a number of my Connexus friends are preparing from scratch (because … we’ve got the time!).
  2. Get your whole family together to join us for Easter Jam! Join us on Saturday, April 11th for Easter Jam, a fun, new, family-centred Easter celebration from our Family Ministry team. This is a great event for your kids to invite their cousins and classmates to – they can plan to share a few photos with each other along the way of their fun! We don’t have any kids in our house – but we may just join in on the Easter fun just the two of us alongside some of our cousin’s kids 😉 Be sure to head to to get your list of supplies needed to join the celebration. 
  3. Invite your friends and family to join you for Easter Sunday services on Facebook and YouTube! I happen to have the inside track on what’s coming – and I know it will be a powerful service celebrating the HOPE we have in the resurrection of Jesus! Join us for the conversation as we discover why Easter matters so much to each and every one of us, and why we even celebrate. After the service, plan to connect with your friends and family over Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger to talk about the message and share your Easter highlights. Such a great way to celebrate that He has risen! 

This Easter Weekend, although different, presents us with such a unique opportunity to share the Hope we have with so many more friends and family than ever before. For some reason, it seems so much easier to hit the share button, send a message with a personal invitation, or to reach out over FaceTime to connect.

So – will you join me in inviting your friends, family, and neighbours as we try some new ways of celebrating the Easter season this year? 

Here’s to sharing the Hope of Jesus with those we love this Easter! I can’t wait to hear all about how it goes 🙂