ConnexusLIVE and an Online Campus

So many of you tuned in last night to watch our first online streaming event, ConnexusLIVE. I think it was a huge success by almost any measure. And it was such an honour and so much fun to be a part of it.  God is really doing something in our midst!  Wow. The stories we heard last night moved me on such a deep level.

We had many gathered in small groups across Central Ontario (including students who got together in their small groups) and over the course of the hour we heard from friends in Toronto, Montreal, New Jersey, Georgia and Switzerland and more.

Here are a couple of things that moved and excited me.
  • The stories and interviews were so moving and powerful. For all the times we say that ‘we're a church that unchurched people love to attend', to see the faces, hear the stories and witness the life change that happens in specific people's lives is humbling and amazing.
  • The team worked so hard and pulled off the near impossible. Four months ago, the Bold Spiritual Journey team simply had an idea for a live event.  Four months later, a night that clearly is an all-time highlight came together.  So grateful to the Spiritual Journey team.
  • Our media and production team knocked it out of the park. Our media and production teams from both campuses pulled it together and we did it in house.  You brought a dream to reality. Plus the pre-recorded stories were alternately hilarious and heart-warming.  Wow!
  • People served with a smile. From all the behind the scenes moments, to hours of preparation, right through to tear down, just like at our Epic Events and on Sunday mornings, people did it with a smile on their face and an open heart.

As you know, part of the vision behind Bold is to fund the launch of an online campus. So, is this what an online campus will look like?  Kind of, but not quite.

An online campus will be the same in that:

  • It will be live.
  • It will stream a whole event (in our case Sunday mornings) including songs, interviews, stories, baptisms right through the message.
  • It will be in HD.
  • It will provide real time interaction via Facebook, Twitter and more.

But the online campus Bold will make possible will be better in that:

  • It will allow mobile viewing via tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.  You won't have to use a lap top or desktop.  Thanks to those of you who hung in despite the lack of mobile support last night.
  • It will show social media interaction live on screen (your tweets and status updates will appear on screen while people watch).
  • It will allow connection between viewers.  We want to facilitate online discussion groups for people who don't live nearby or can't get to church.
  • It will have better quality video.  The HD quality you saw in the recorded videos will be the quality we shoot for in the HD live stream of everything.
  • It will be every week. You can show your friends what it's like before you bring them with you.

There will be other innovations that come as we get our own equipement and gear and start streaming.

For all of you who are deciding this month to pray, invite and give more boldly, thank you!  Commitment Sunday is just a few weeks away – November 18th in Barrie and November 25th in Orillia.  You decision to fund the vision behind Bold will make all this and so much more (a permanent facility, refreshed portable environments, an expanded ministry and many more lives changed through Jesus Christ) possible.

Love that God allows us to do this together!  I hope this answers some questions from last night and points the way toward a bolder future.

– Carey




  1. Sabine (from Switzerland) says, November 6, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Dear Carey
    Dear Team

    It was wonderful to join as an online follower from far far awayay. The stories were awesome and encouraging. I -from my side- enjoyed every single moment (even being very tired since it was 1.30 am).

    Looking forward to see more.

    Greetings from far far away


    • Carey Nieuwhof says, November 6, 2012 at 6:39 pm

      It’s wonderful to see what God is doing Sabine. Thank you!

  2. Joanne says, November 6, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Greetings from near! Nice to read your post Sabine. Funny, but I’ve only ever met you on Facebook, but I feel like I know you already! Anyways, Connexus Live was wonderful. Our small group watched it together and cheered and sang and rejoiced that we get to be part of what God is going. How great is that???? Awesome. Just saying!

  3. Sabine (from Switzerland) says, November 13, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Dear Joanne
    Thanks for your post! I appreciate it very much. It is funny that we both feel the same way. Can’t wait to meet you in person. Lord is willing that it would be Fall 2013! Want to come ‘home’.
    Greetings to near from far far away

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