Connexus Gets Bold This Weekend!


We're super excited about this weekend as it marks the beginning of a new chapter for Connexus. Even though bold has been launched for a while already, we're taking it to a whole new level this Sunday, where we'll be launching our Bold series at our Barrie Campus. If you've been to any of our Epic Events (over 1000 of you!) you know that Bold brings with it a new era of vision and excitement and some very bold moves that will allow our church to reach unchurched people in an unprecedented way. We've got some amazing moments lined up as a part of our Sunday services that you'll definitely want to invite your friends to! In Barrie, we're FIRED UP! to have Joe Sangle speaking with us this weekend! Don't be late at our Barrie Campus!

In Orillia, we wrap up Home Free with a great message from Carey on Family and technology. We've got a fun opener that might just leave you feeling very surprised, and a special moment planned for later in the service as well.

Whether you call Barrie or Orillia your home campus, we're all taking part in our Bold 40 Day Spiritual Journey together. Catch the daily posts here on the blog every morning at 4:29 am, or download your PDF copy right now. If you need a hard copy, they are available at our Guest Services desk at either of our campuses on Sunday.

Barrie Campus | Bold | Part One: My Bold Story, Your Bold Story (Special Guest – Joe Sangl)

Every once in a while you hear a story that changes your world significantly.  Joe Sangl is the founder of I Was Broke Now I’m Not. Several years ago, he took some bold steps with his life and finances that changed everything.  He’ll share what he’s learned in the hopes that it will help you take the bold steps you need to take.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

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Orillia Campus | Home Free | Part Six: Call Me Maybe

Technology is impacting families at a deep level.  What’s good about it? What’s less than good?  Does technology destroy relationships or make them better?  What’s it doing to your kids, and how should you, as a parent, respond?  The answers might surprise you.

8.30 and 10 am | Family Ministry @ 10am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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At either campus, join in the discussion on twitter by tweeting us @connexuschurch using the hashtag #homefree.

– Carey


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