Connecting at Connexus

Over the last few weeks I had the chance to attend Group Link (an evening that connects adults into community groups) and help train some of the people who stepped up to serve at Connexus through Test Drive. 

Then I went to Connexus yesterday and saw something really cool.

I saw people who I know were total strangers three weeks ago treating each other like good friends.  Big smiles, warm embraces, catching up on what happened during the week. What was the difference?  They started meeting in community group or met because they decided to serve at Connexus. 

People always ask: how do I get to know people at Connexus? Once you decide you no longer want to just "slip in and slip out" or that you want to go beyond just casual conversation over coffee, jump into a group or start to serve.

The next Group Link will be in January (we'll announce the date in the next week) and in the meantime, both our campuses have lots of opportunities for you to serve on everything from family ministry, to e-teams (who set up and tear down our Sunday environments every week) to host team.  Just contact Julia in our office at [email protected].  We'll get you hooked up.

Finally, you may or may not have noticed that our messages are being uploaded on line weekly again.  (We had a brief hiatus because of technical difficulties.)  Our website and the video podcasts on iTunes are a great way to share the message with others…so pass the links along.

By the way – I'm totally pumped about the My Secret series that just started this weekend in Barrie and launches in Orillia this coming Sunday.  It's only going to get better….

– Carey


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