Community Anyone?

What a great win today…to be able to do our full services in a huge blizzard, and then actually have people come.  (Over 550 between the campuses, if you can believe it!). 

I'm watching the e-teams, family ministry and host team do something amazing every weekend.  Sure, they're there to set up environments and do the pretty incredible work of going from having nothing set up at 6 a.m. to being fully operational, which is exceptional.  But something else is happening: community is being built.

There is a bond that comes from getting up at a crazy hour and hauling trailers and unpacking in the snow and making the impossible possible.  There's a bond that comes from doing something important together than is bigger than you.  There's a bond that comes from serving together in children's ministry, knowing that you are actually important in a child and parent's life. There's just a bond.

People always ask how to get to know people in a growing, multicampus environment.  You'll hear me talk about community groups till I die.  But the other way to connect is to serve.

We're looking to add dozens more to our e-teams, Waumba Land and Upstreet environments by January 1st.  Why don't you sign up?  In the process, you'll get delightfully connected in a way you never imagined.  And you'll open yourself to being used by God to change lives in ways few of us ever dreamed He'd use us.

I just love our teams. 

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]


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  1. Tim L. Walker says, December 16, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    It's so true… my wife and I have lived in the area less than a year, and we have met so many people, and have made so many connections & friends since we started volunteering @ Connexus. It's incredible! I walk through the halls of the Galaxy theatre, and instead of not knowing hardly anyone (which is what it was like for our first 4+ months @ Trinity), I know over half the people I see, it seems… and they know ME! 😉


    Oh, and we could use a couple more camera operators at the Barrie campus as well, so if anyone is interested in helping there, come find me @ the Barrie services next week. 😉

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