Coming Home

When you mess up, you need a safe place to come home to.

I think we've all had the experience of making a mistake serious enough to know we deserve whatever judgment comes in our direction.  But what we long for in moments like is a place in which we can experience grace, forgiveness and acceptance.  The problem is that those places are in short supply.

Enter the Christ, and enter the church.  More than any other place, the church is a place where people should feel free to come back to, not to sin again, but to experience grace, forgiveness and change.  It should be a place to build a relationship with Jesus or restore one that got fractured.

That's what Matt experienced.  I love that a friend invited him to Connexus and he's been getting his relationship with Jesus back on track.  I love that this is is home.

Thanks for doing all you do to make Connexus that kind of place. Give thanks as you hear Matt's story.  I do.

– Carey


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