Cindy Morris – Update 6

It was so great to be together yesterday at Connexus.  To be part of an authentic community that really does care is something I don't ever want to take for granted.  You really have great hearts, and I'm thinking we're just going to keep seeing the best of our community again and again, in every circumstance. 

Yesterday was a good day for Cindy.  Her recovery, by all accounts, appears to be progressing.  She is scheduled for more surgery today as part of her rehabilitation.  It will be a long surgery, and we will have another update likely in the morning.

A few notes:

  1. A reminder that a trust fund has been set up for Cindy.  Although she
    has very good benefits through her employment at Connexus, I'm sure there will be extra
    expenses and needs and your kindness would be appreciated.  You can
    donate at any CIBC branch.  Just reference branch #00642 | Account: 2568535. 
  2. Thank you for all the offers of help in the office.  Cindy carries an important part of the ministry at Connexus, and your help is appreciated.  We've got a meeting scheduled tomorrow to put together an interim plan for covering what needs to be covered.
  3. I'm sure situations like this have got all of us thinking and asking good questions.  I've opened a dialogue on those questions on my personal blog.

Thanks everyone.  You're a great community of people. 

– Carey


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