Cindy Morris – Update 8

So, it's been ten days since Cindy had her car accident.  She continues to make a recovery, but it will be a long, likely difficult road ahead.  Her injuries are extensive, and she is still in intensive care, but making progress, bit by bit, daily. I did have the privilege of seeing Cindy for just five minutes on Wednesday, as visiting is still very, very restricted and brief.   I was able to tell her how  proud we were of her and how grateful we are to God that she's here.  And I was able to pray with her and tell her of all your prayers too. 

Many of you continue to email daily asking what you can do.  You can help out financially. The best way is to give to the trust fund that's been established to provide for Cindy and her kids during her recovery.  Again, just go to any CIBC bank and reference #00642 | Account: 2568535.  Cindy does appear to have full benefits coverage through work, but as a single mom providing for three kids on one salary, your generosity is appreciated.  There will be additional expenses because of the length of recovery involved.

There continues to be a ‘no visitor" policy at Sunnybrook for Cindy, so personal visits and touches will have to wait.  And, naturally, you can pray.

We'll keep you updated on Cindy's condition, but I imagine as the weeks go by there will be less and less "news".  Steady, incremental progress will be needed, and if things change dramatically, we'll certainly let you know.  This will be the place where we share any and all the information we can.

You compassion and care are genuinely overwhelming, and as time goes on, additional tangible help will be appreciated.  I know one of the things that will mark this season is your incredible love and compassion. For that, we're all grateful.

– Carey


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