Celebration Anyone? Don’t Miss These….

It's so good to chat, even by blog.  I'm excited about being at Orange and Drive, but can't wait to come back to our community late Wednesday night.

We are going to celebrate some great things soon. 

Under One Roof
Just a reminder that Under One Roof, three simultaneous concerts designed to benefit the trust fund set up to help Cindy Morris and her children  happens this coming Saturday at three locations:  the Free Methodist Church in Barrie, Bethel Baptist in Orillia and Trinity Community in Oro beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Cindy continues to recover remarkably well from her injuries, and your prayers are appreciated!

Connexus' Six Month Anniversary
On May 11th in Barrie and May 18th in Orillia, we're going to celebrate Connexus' six month anniversary.   We've been gathering stories of life-change over the last few weeks and I can't wait to talk about what God is doing in people's lives.  It's going to be a fun celebration that will certainly be great for our team and for our friends.  Don't miss the celebration when it comes to your campus!

We're also going to be hosting an event called Irresistible for all those from Muskoka who are thinking about being part of our Muskoka campus launch.  It's June 8th at 7:30 the Rene M. Caisse Theater in Bracebridge.  Tell your Muskoka friends about it!

Volunteer Summer Celebration
We love our volunteers!  Wherever you volunteer, don't just go home on Sunday, June 22nd. Join us at a soon to be announced location for an early afternoon Volunteer Celebration BBQ.  Just to be clear, we don't plan on barbecueing you – just some meat. Should be fun for the whole family.

I love our community…and it's great to see what God can do when people come together.  So get that iCal , blackberry or good old fashioned pen and paper out now and mark these dates.

– Carey



  1. leanne michel says, May 11, 2008 at 12:29 pm


    Just wanted to say that that I really enjoyed Rich's talks these past two weeks in Orillia. Way to go, Rich. Carey, missed you but you've got a good "seconder" in this guy.

    Also…new music director dude. Glad to have you aboard but have you permanently canned the secular music the band was doing? Kinda enjoyed it, and it usually had a moral to it.


  2. Carey Nieuwhof says, May 11, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Hey L. You're right, Rich did a fantastic job! We're so grateful to have him as a member of our team.

    And as for secular music…hang on, while I'm here I can pinch hit for Andy Walker (music dude!) Got a good dose of some kicking secular music in the Sex Series up next.

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