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Hey everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the fall/winter that keeps showing up and disappearing.  I am feeling particularly grateful this week and want to share some thoughts:

  • I was so proud of our e-teams again this weekend.  I heard Orillia's team set a record in set up time.  When you do that, I want you to know you help everybody on the tech team and platform win.  Ultimately, smooth set ups lead to better services lead to greater impact in people's lives.  Way to go!
  • I was so grateful for Barrie e-teams.  We did not have a few of our key people in the house on Sunday, but our team stepped it up in fresh ways, got everything done and smiled doing it.  Also, kudos to the main set up team who had to completely improvise a good old fashioned stage monitor set up when the in-ear monitors went dead because of a bad cable.  You guys smoked it!  Nice!
  • Andy Walker has done a phenomenal job of bringing on new talent on our music team.  I heard the band in Orillia was first rate with a brand new Connexus worship leader.  Can't wait to hear them (and her) in Barrie soon!
  • I was so grateful for Rich Birch again this weekend.  Rich sent me an email Saturday night asking whether we should organize teams of people to participate in the search for Brandon Crisp. Then he emailed again and said "Let's just do it".   I love that.  Rich consistently thinks of new ways to impact our community based on compassion and doing the right thing.  Thanks to the dozens of Connexuser's who searched for clues about Brandon's disappearance on Sunday afternoon.
  • Jeff Brodie is making such a difference in student ministry.  We are seeing almost twice as many high school kids as we have before, and I've never seen our leaders more engaged.  And we're only a month into it.  It's very exciting, and Jeff is such a quality guy!
  • Our whole team is so passionate about our Christmas series, Revolutionary Love. 
    • Jenn Bailey has been doing a great job organizing kids and parents to serve (wait for it parents) in this series.
    • Nadine Russell, who is spending a lot of time spearheading finance and strategic planning here at Connexus, has been working with our team to set some incredible goals in generous giving to others this Christmas. 
    • Julia Achilles is pulling together brand new group curriculum for the series that will be ready when the series launches.  If your small group is interested, let us know.
  • Stay tuned.  You won't want to miss Revolutionary Love.

Anyway, just wanted to do a little dance here in my office to celebrate some members of our team who are making a real difference.

– Carey


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  1. Joan says, November 1, 2008 at 7:25 am

    Hi Carey,
    Can't wait for Revolutionary Love! This is a big area for me to step into. Thanks

    Keep it coming!

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