Celebrating Milestones

You may have already figured this out but, we take families very seriously at Connexus. We believe the best thing we can do to help families that come to Connexus is to partner with parents as they raise their kids. We believe this partnership, which is aimed at building faith and character in kids, carries through from crib to college. Our entire family ministry is structured around this strategy.

During the childhood years there are a couple of significant spiritual milestones we often have the opportunity to celebrate before a child leaves our children’s environments.

One of these milestones is Dedication. What is dedication? We recognize dedication as a promise parents make in front of family, friends and church leaders to do their best to put God first in their home and partner with the church as they raise their child. Typically parents choose to do this shortly after the birth of a new baby. But Dedication doesn't need to be limited to newborns. As parents recognize how a family that puts God first can be transformed, they may choose to make this promise public for their children who are older.

The second milestone is the baptism of kid's who have decided that they want to follow Christ for the rest of thier life and who choose to publicly tell others about by being baptized. If they do, we want to celebrate it too!

If you are a parent of an elementary aged child and want to have a meaningful conversation with your child about how they can begin personal relationship with Jesus you may want to check out this link!

Both of these exciting milestones are celebrated during an event we call the Family Birthday Celebration.

Our next Family Birthday Celebration is scheduled to take place on February 28th. For all the details on this exciting celebration click here. If you are interested in taking part in celebrating one of these milestones in your family's life we need to hear from you by February 1st. Let us know by emailing [email protected]

We love families and we love celebrating with them…so don't miss out if your thinking about taking part!

Jenn Bailey | Director of Children's Ministry


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