Barrie Soft Launch Highlights

–> Wow!  What a weekend.

We went from zero to sixty (or 59) in 36 hours. Thank you to EVERYONE who worked on our Barrie soft launch. Hundreds of people pooled their energy, time and resources to pull off what many were wondering was even possible.  We went from having no gear in our possession Friday night to running two services Sunday with audio, video and the whole deal.  Thank you God, for the vision, the reason, the people and the fuel.  And thank you to the Connexus Community for being who you are.  You are SO much fun to work with!!!

Over 60 people gathered at something like 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning to meet the incredible PCI crew from Michigan. It took the PCI crew 12 hours to get here (two blown tires on the trailers), but they made it across the border and arrived here for first thing Saturday morning.   And when I pulled in at 5:30 sharp Sunday morning, five cars were in ahead of me full of people ready to get started.  You guys rock!

Sunday was so busy that none of our core team actually captured photos (if you have them, let our office know at 796.0603 or email them to us at [email protected]).  But we do have pics from Saturday! You can view them here, and download, share or simply see them. I hope you can feel the enthusiasm in the group as we gathered in freezing temperatures and a trace of slight snow to unload four large trailers filled with cases of gear that would fuel our portable church environments. 


  • The contagiously positive spirit of the Connexus crew.  You guys simply love doing this.  That spirit and many prayers for God to move are going to blanket the community in just a few weeks!
  • The unseen-before level of commitment and dedication of an incredible volunteer crew.  I heard dozens of people introducing themselves to each other…that was so cool.  One great way to get to know each other is to serve together like this!  Kind of exciting to see your life and gifts used to change lives at this scale!
  • Our amazing staff.  You guys have busted it over the last months to get us into this pocket.  What a privilege to serve alongside you! 
  • The fact that we actually held two services Sunday.  Okay, the 8:30 was actually a 9:00 a.m. service, and the 10:00 at 10:10…but that's what soft launch is about.  We kept good notes, and it's only going to get better next week.
  • The reality that Central Ontario now has two campuses where people are committed to leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through relevant environments.

Not all of our gear is here yet (Upstreet in particular is waiting on a lot of gear), but it will arrive soon.  You guys were so forgiving and so giving.  Our time line is very tight, but everybody has worked so hard to bring it about.

In all, well over 400 people were part of week one of our Barrie soft-launch yesterday.  That's so encouraging.  Orillia, your turn is coming Saturday and Sunday, and Barrie, we're gearing up for week two of soft-launch. 

So…you are invited to be part of Connexus at both campuses this weekend.  You can still sign up to serve!  Our two greatest needs right now are still the set-up and tear down E-teams (we need 120 people, and we've got a couple dozen openings) and small group leaders for UpStreet  (we still need a dozen more between the two campuses).  There are other places to serve…so contact us at [email protected] to jump in.

Can't wait for Sunday to roll around again!

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor
[email protected]



  1. chadbaxter says, May 27, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    i saw your pastor on that global program about the evangelaical church sunday or monday night, it took me a while to match the voice with the facem but thats so very cool i try to listen to your program every sunday on life, but at 8:30am i'm often im in church.

  2. Carey Nieuwhof says, May 27, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    Yep…that's us. Rose Meeder and I do a show called Life Matters in Central Ontario Sundays at 8;30 a.m on LIFE 100.3 FM. Glad you have been able to listen.

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