Baptism – Still Time

Hey – if you are thinking about being baptized, it's not too late!  Our next baptism service happens on Sunday evening, August 10th.

I want to do more and tell you that if you're thinking about baptism, I'd love for you to step across a line and do it.  It's a powerful way to signify to your friends and family that you have decided to follow Jesus.  Plus, as many will tell you, it's a deeply meaningful experience. 

If you are a new follower of Jesus, consider making baptism your next step.  If you haven't been baptized since you made a decision to follow Jesus (even years ago), give it some prayer and thought.  If you want to be baptized, you can apply or get more information here.  Regardless, we hope you'll be there, cheering and celebrating as people celebrate the changes in their lives.

Deadline for baptism applications is this Friday since we do our video shooting for people's stories on Monday. Remember, being baptized in August is warmer than in December. :0)

Totally excited about those who have already stepped forward for baptism.  Completely excited about you possibly joining them.

– Carey


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  1. Jenn says, July 22, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    It took me 25 years to publicly declare my love for Jesus through baptism…even though I had chosen to believe in him since I was nine…I admit I didn't live for him all those years, but I never doubted my salvation, and thank God for his grace. I urge all who are thinking about it…to do it…it has only deepened my relationship in Christ.

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