A Very Personal Moment for Me – And Some Information on Baptism for You

If you were at our Barrie Campus yesterday (we'll share this moment on March 10th at our Orillia Campus), you know what a really special moment we marked yesterday for me personally.

My wife Toni was baptized, and I had the privilege of baptizing her.

You can watch Toni's story and see the baptism here:

[tentblogger-youtube ywSAcp-nA_g]

In addition to being an incredibly moving moment for the two of us, it also raised lots of great questions about baptism.

When do we baptize?

Can you get baptized if you're not just a new Christian?

What if you were baptized as an infant?

Toni gave her life to Christ when she was still in university. But baptism only happened now for her because, until 5 years ago, we were part of a denominational tradition that didn't baptize adult believers.

That option became open to us when we started Connexus five years ago, and in Toni's faith walk, she felt the right moment was now.

Some of you are in a very similar position and the question you're asking is “Could I be baptized too?” The answer is, yes you can.

In fact, here's our baptism practice in a nutshell.

We baptize:

  • People who have decided to trust Christ as their Saviour who have never been baptized before, whether ‘new Christians' or people who have been Christians for a while but never took that step.
  • People who have decided to trust Christ as their Saviour who were baptized as infants but who have never been baptized since becoming a Christian.

If you were baptized as a believer (when it was your choice, not someone else's), we would usually not baptize you again.

So how about you? Is your next step baptism?

If so, just let us know. You can learn more about baptism or apply to be baptized today by clicking here.

We'd love to help you take your next step.

And thanks for being such a great community with which to share incredible moments like yesterday's.

– Carey


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