A Note from Guatemala

When Jesus gets ahold of your life…it starts to spill out all over the place. Love moves, to places like Guatemala.

We have a team of ten there right now from our Inside Out student ministry. This week I got a note from Phil and Judy Bergen, who are missionaries in Guatemala.  I love  what they had to say about our team:

Dear Carey,

Although we have never met, my husband and I had the opportunity to have your youth team and team leaders work at our house today.  The Guatemala team built and delivered a chicken coop, packed 100 bags of beans, rice and corn, packed  baby packs and had a great time. They have a servant heart and love for Jesus Christ.

We just wanted to let you know what a great group of young people they are….we would be privileged to have them work with us again.

Phil and Judy Bergen

I'm so proud of and grateful for our students and their leaders.  Thanks for making a difference for Jesus at home and on the road.

– Carey


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  1. Trevor says, March 17, 2011 at 10:17 am

    As a dad of one of those kids – it is very hard to let your little girl that you held not very long ago as a baby in your ams go so far away and give up so much protection of them. I will be glad when she is home safely.

    And then you read this and your comments Carey and all I can say with tears in my eyes.

    Me too…

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