5 Things We Think You’ll Love About Our New Website

By Carey Nieuwhof, Teaching Pastor

Hey Connexus…it's finally here!

Our brand new website is live. It's been completely rebuilt from the ground up not just to make your experience better, but to create a much better way to invite your friends to start a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

It's the easiest to use site we've ever built. And it's the most sharable yet.

Here are 5 things we think you're going to love about the new site:

connexus website


1. Your friends can experience Connexus Live Online for the first time

So many of you have wanted to share exactly what happens on Sunday mornings with your friends: the music, the baptisms, the fun moments we do as well as the messages.

Now you can.

Starting Easter Sunday, March 27th, we're launching Connexus Live Online: the full live-streaming of both Sunday morning services at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Not just on Easter Sunday, but every Sunday.

It's not just a broadcast, it's an experience.

We'll have a live chat room where online guests can ask questions. Plus we have a live prayer team who will be taking peoples' prayer requests during the live-stream.

Connexus Live Online will go live Sunday morning.

In the meantime, just invite your out-of-town friends to join us Sunday morning by jumping onto www.connexuschurch.com.

2. Watch or access from any device anywhere

Our site is now fully optimized for any mobile device you're using.

You can watch our messages or access anything on the site using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. But the resolution is sharp enough that if you stream it to your 80″ tv, it will look great.

Go ahead. Grab as many devices as you can and try it out.

(That goes for Connexus Live Online too when it's live Sunday mornings.)

3. We've designed this with your friends in mind

Your friends matter to us because they matter to God.

So we created a special page just for them. It's everything we think a first time visitor might want to know.

Because we want your friends to feel personally welcome, we created an option for them to let us know they're coming (It's right under “Come See Us: Plan Your Visit”).

When a first time guest fills out the ‘let us know you're coming' form, our guest services team will greet them by name on Sunday morning, help their kids get settled and be able to connect with them after the service to see how things went.

4. Our messages are available on demand, anytime

In addition to watching our entire services live during Connexus Live Online Sunday mornings, we've started offering Connexus On Demand.

You can go back almost a year into our video archive on our site, and again, that now works on any device.

We've also made binge listening and binge watching a thing with easier-than-ever access to our audio and video podcasts. Our audio podcast has messages going back several years.

5. Our Events page will keep you in the know

Sometimes feel like you're in the dark with what's going on at Connexus?

Not anymore. We created an Events page that covers pretty any and every special event that's going on for adults, teens and kids.

Check it out.

Now…you know.

What Do You Love?

So take some time to explore our site.

Favourite it. Share it. Use it regularly.

Oh, and by the way, the new site is synced beautifully with our app.  Got it yet? If not, it's a free download on the App Store.

What do you love about the new site?

It's all in time for the REALLY big thing happening this week…remembering Jesus's death and resurrection at our Good Friday and Easter Sunday experiences.

Why not invite a friend now and share this post on your social media.

We want to tell everyone we know and reach everyone we don't.



  1. Rose meeder says, March 21, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Looks great!! Good job:)

  2. Jack Latimer says, March 26, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Obviously a lot of time, effort and prayer went into the changes. Looks great. A big day approaches with the first live broadcast on Easter Sunday, but what a remarkable day for this new beginning.

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