13 days until the next Muskoka event!


We're looking forward to the next Muskoka Campus event on Easter Sunday, April 12th.  We're hosting these events as momentum builders toward the launch of a new campus in Muskoka.  It's our chance to invite our friends and family in Muskoka to a Connexus Campus.  March's event went really well and this next month promises to be even better!  Check out what people had to say about the last event:

"We saw many people that we knew but never expected to be at our first event, as well the comments that we got back are very exciting.This was my first time to work on the Eteam it is amasing to see the transformation as the equipment rolls in and is set up."

"I thought the location was great!  I loved the atrium and the auditorium and the kids' spaces.  Plus you were able to cover a new geographical area with very little capital investment.  I look forward to hearing how God uses this campus to change the spiritual trajectory of Bracebridge and its surrounding area."

"Many Christians worked, prayed and planned for this event. People came, God moved, and I'm sure He's doing follow up."

Here are a few things that you can do today to help us get ready for the next event:

1) Invite a friend to the Muskoka event.  You can do this by sending them this link wiht more information about Muskoka:

2) Join a service team! We are still looking for help on a number of our teams.  Drop by this website right now to sign up to help:

Looking forward to what God is going to do at our next monthly event!  See you then!

Rich Birch
[email protected]


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