Your Fall Direction Determines Your Family’s Destination

Fall is a time full of promise and priorities. As families transition into this time of year, we often talk through our priorities and commitments to sports, arts, jobs, family and friends, but we can often forget to have a conversation about where we’ll be investing in our faith throughout the year. Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

At Connexus we encourage your family to have a conversation about where growing your relationship with God will fit into your priorities this school year. Here are a few tips to help.

1) You as a parent need to lead the way in this area.

Put simply, if you aren’t making your relationship with God a real priority, your kids won’t.  Does your spiritual life inspire your kids to want to follow Jesus with their lives? If not, what’s one priority change you can make personally that will inspire your kids to want to experience God?

2) Community is an important component of growth.

Our family environments are a great place for children and students to grow their relationship with God as they connect with peers running in the same spiritual direction and a leader saying the same thing a good Christian parent would say.  It’s about applying the timeless truths of scripture within the context of a relevant environment and a caring community.

We don’t think Connexus is the only place a child can grow, but we do think that every person needs a place like this to help them grow in their faith at this age.  Where will your kids get this kind of community regularly this year?  How will you make this a priority?

3) Serving is a great way to grow.

Finding a spot for you, your kids, or your family to serve will change you.  Whether it’s serving our church community, the local community, or the global community, when we serve like Jesus on the outside, we become more like Him on the inside.  Where could you learn humility by serving others this year?

Creating a spiritual rhythm for your family is determined by the priorities you choose and those you don’t.  Be proactive and have a spiritual conversation with your kids, even if it’s awkward. Interested in learning more about how to make good choices around priorities for your family, check out this practical 10 minute Parent Cue Session with Carey.


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