You Rock!

So…on staff we're now simply starting to wonder what it would be like to have about four Sundays in a row with no snow…just to see what it might be like to actually do church without impediments.  For like the fourth time in the last six services, we had some serious snow or weather issues Sunday morning.

But tough conditions bring out the best in people.  Our e-teams showed up.  And for the most part, you showed up.  Our attendance was off by just a little bit over last week (when it was really nice).  And some of you have already written in or stopped by to say you'd asked friends to join you today.  Sweet. And I heard it was a great day in Orillia where both services rolled so smoothly.  Nice.

So I'm just saying thanks…that's all.  I like hanging out with you.  You're one fine group, and thanks for your dedication and serious commitment to Jesus and all that.   This is a winter and a start-up period we'll be talking about for years to come.  Thanks for making it memorable in a good way! 

If you missed today (or want to hear it again…come on, you know you do), just go to and listen on line or download the podcasts on iTunes.  Everything should be uploaded from today within 48 hours.

– Carey


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