You Made it Happen! Construction Has BEGUN.

Great news. It’s happening!!!

Construction has officially begun on the new Connexus central facility.

Late last week we received a building permit that allowed us to begin work on the new central facility for Connexus Church. This is a place that will serve as a central hub for all we do, including resourcing our Orillia location better. And it's a project that include a refresh for our Orillia environments that will make our location an even better place to invite your friends.

ground breaking

The pics above are from a groundbreaking ceremony we did recently with our elders, staff and facility team. What a great moment to finally celebrate!

Wanna see more? Have a look…I did a quick 90 second tour of the construction here:

[tentblogger-youtube Pa0an8m7SuY?list=UUyY0fmgxytdGVOM_BLS34kA]

See What You Did There?

And all of this is happening because God is faithful AND because you were bolder than ever.
You've prayed more boldly, invited more boldly and given more boldly than ever before over the last two years…and look what's happening as a result. 

Seriously, you're taking a vision and making it a reality.

So What's The Goal Again?

If I want to remind you and me of one thing in the next few (exciting month), it's this: 

  • Let's keep our eyes, and hearts, on the real goal.
The real goal is not to build a Central Facility or even a refreshed Orillia campus.

The goal is to lead more people than ever before into a growing relationship with Christ.

Think of husbands, sons, daughters, parents, friends, co-workers, neighbours and people we've never met — all in a relationship with Jesus.

So that's what we're doing. That's what we're aiming for. Simply leading more and more people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

So What Can You Do?

I know some of you will ask, so what can I do now?

Honestly, keep praying, keep inviting and keep giving more boldly than ever.

And in terms of giving:

1. Complete. Please complete your Bold pledge as quickly as possible. Construction has started.
2. Do What You Can. If you're behind on your pledge, just give what you can. Don't quit. Every little bit matters and is appreciated. Really!
3. Start. If you haven't given, now's the time. Here's how
4. Help a Friend Out. If you've completed your personal pledge, thank you! Maybe you're one of the people who can step into the gap to give on behalf of those who might have lost their job or had another life change circumstance that has made it hard for them to finish their pledge.

See what happens when a whole community rallies together? Amazing things.

Our boldest moments are our best moments. So thank you for being bolder than ever.

We'll keep you posted!



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