Why This Is The Most Important Year Of Your Entire Life

2020 will be a year you will remember for the rest of your life.

It was full of ups, downs, anger, tears, and a lot of uncertainty. 

However, while 2020 was memorable, this year will be much more critical for you.

Here’s why.

As you move towards the other side of this pandemic, a huge opportunity is opening up for you. What is it?

 A chance to reboot your life.

As things begin to return to some semblance of normal, your life will be rebooting naturally. You can let that happen to you on its own, or you can rethink your life, your priorities, what matters most to you. Choose to be intentional.

You have an opportunity to make this a pivotal year for all of the right reasons. 

2021 is bigger than resolutions or goals, it’s about a chance to rebuild areas of your life with new priorities. 

So where do you start?

I’m going to share a good starting point for you, but our team has put together a free Guide to Pivoting Into 2021 that people are finding helpful. You can get it here.

Begin with 3 categories and ask yourself two questions. 

Where do I find meaning in this area of my life, and how do I turn up the volume on that on the other side of the pandemic?

What relationships give me the most meaning in my life?

Before the pandemic, your world was over-connected and lacked meaning.

Social media has opened up the opportunity for us to connect with thousands of people. Your mom, your neighbour, your pickleball buddies, your teacher from grade 4, and that awkward guy who was on your grade 8 basketball team…what was his name again?

Lots of connection, and little meaning.

It’s time to reprioritize those relationships. Which ones give you the most meaning? Make a list and ask yourself, how do I turn up the volume on those and turn down the volume on the others?

What about that great couple you always wanted to have over? That person you always wanted to ask to be a mentor? Make decisions around getting those people on the list and get some of the other people off the list. Make the time for those who matter most to you.

Reboot your relationships around meaning.

What time spent brings the most meaning to your life?

We live in a distracted world. I would argue that distraction is the new lazy.

Think about it. If I asked you if you were a lazy person, you would likely say no. Or at least, “not really.”

Our world is described as busy, overwhelming, but rarely lazy. However, we struggle to find the time to do things that mean the most to us. We are overly distracted.

Distraction is the new lazy.

And it’s no wonder. With a phone next to us 24/7 that acts as a personal computer, a gaming console, a social connecter, a popularity contest, a slot machine of likes and shares, and a business tool, how can we focus? On top of that, we are up against billion-dollar companies that want our attention every moment of the day.    

Think about this…what if you made this the year you take your time back? Honestly, you need to.

Make a list of the things you spend your time on that you know are a distraction. From memes to movies to wormholes. Then make a list of the activities and people that deserve your time. 

Here’s another way to think about it. How much of your time is spent in passive mode, and how much is spent in active mode? Be honest with yourself. Move from a life of scrolling to a life of doing the things that matter. 

Spend time thinking about how you can put your distractions in their time box, and focus on what matters most.  

What notifications can you turn off? What focussed time can you set aside and leave the phone elsewhere? Which social media apps do you truly need? How are you using your phone as a toy instead of a tool?

If you are looking for help with this, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport is the best place to start. It’s brilliant. 

How do you invest in the spiritual side of your resilience?

Through this pandemic, you learned that we all need to grow in resilience as we head towards the future. Here’s what I think a lot of people miss. 

There is a significant spiritual aspect to resilience. 

Resilience isn’t’ just about your mind, it’s about your soul. Prayer, solitude, connection with God and scripture all grow your soul’s resilience. 

As you look ahead, it’s clear that you and I need to prioritize our ability to be resilient in uncertain times. We don’t know what’s ahead, but we can prepare our souls for it.

So, where do you find meaning in your spiritual life? How do you connect with God?

If you are new to hearing from God, this series called Hearing From God, would be worth your time.

Then the question is, how will you prioritize time with God as you pivot towards your future? This is your moment to intentionally reboot your spiritual connection as a part of your life.

What part will reading scripture and focussing on Jesus will you reprioritize, and how? What role will prayer play in your life and when? Will it be a part of your family’s routine?

New year’s resolutions rarely work out, but this is a pivot towards the future. An intentional choice. A time to build a heart that is both soft and resilient as you look to Jesus to lead you.

Here’s what I want for you. More meaning in your life and more connection with the Jesus who honestly does love you, no matter what you face in the future. A real hope. He knows you fully and loves you fully. 

I think 2021 could be the most important year of your life. Don’t let the return to “normal” just happen, be intentional, prioritize meaning in your life, and make this a pivotal year for all of the right reasons. Time to rebuild with intention. 

Click here for our Guide To Pivoting Into 2021. We’d love to get in your hands…and it’s free!:)


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