Why The Kitchen Re-Model (And Your Job) Are So Disappointing

By Carey Nieuwhof, Teaching Pastor at Connexus Church

Ever wonder why some of the things you’ve wanted for so long actually seem so….unsatisfying once you get them?

This can happen with your kitchen re-model (after you noticed your neighbour did something a bit nicer), with that career you worked so hard to build, and even with your key relationships like your marriage or—gasp—parenting.

What’s going on there? Is there a common link?

Well, there is, and that’s what Jeff Brodie and I are going to talk about in June during our weekend services at Connexus (we’re co-teaching the next series, and I’m kicking it off this Sunday).

June is actually a pretty awesome month to bring some friends with you for a few reasons.

One…it’s a change of season, and any time things change, people are more open to new. Second, we’ve got some fun things planned.  So why not text or call some friends right now and invite them to come with you Sunday?

The series is called Selfie, so bring your phones and snap away. (We even have some contests). And hopefully in the process, you’ll discover some powerful biblical truths about why so many of the things we seek produce less than we were hoping.

Oh, and have you told your out-of-town friends about Connexus Live Online yet (or those stubborn friends who refuse to come every time you invite them because they say the walls would collapse if they went to church)?

Send them the link. It’s just www.ConnexusLiveOnline.com and they can join us live any Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. or on demand all week at connexuschurch.com/live.

See you soon! It’s going to be amazing.



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