Who You Bringing to 180º?

So we start a new series and a brand new year at Connexus. 180º launches this weekend in Barrie and Sunday January 10th in Orillia.

This series is all about personal change. We all make resolutions, but how do you follow them through and move from intention to action? Even more importantly, what are some of the best changes to make? If you were to make a handful of shifts in your relationship with God this year, what would they be? We'll look at that over six weekends during 180º. I filmed a little home move about why I need this series (and why you might too.) Click here to see it.

It's going to be a fun series and a great one to invite your friends to. So many of you invited friends Christmas Eve. Why not call them up and invite them out this weekend? I had several conversations this week with people who came out to Connexus for the first time in 2009. You know what they keep telling me? They are so grateful their friends invited them. God is changing them, and they've found an environment they finally want to come back to. Some have become Christians. Some are still exploring and going deeper. It's so exciting!

You could be that friend this weekend. Why not pick up the phone or get on Facebook and message a friend. Bring them out this weekend.

– Carey


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