When Will You Be Able to Attend Connexus In-Person Again?

So here’s the big question you might be asking: when will Connexus open its facilities again? 

Great question! And if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen a number of editorials and stories about when houses of worship can gather again.

Just a quick reminder that right now, gatherings are restricted to no more than 5 people in a room, and as a large church, that means that online services will be continuing for a while. 

Also, remember that the Church has never been a building, but a movement of people sharing the hope of Christ. You are the Church and you do a great job at it!

However, we’ve developed a carefully thought through re-gathering approach. 

The criteria for opening our buildings for services has three conditions:

1. When we have permission from the government

Our intention is to honour our government officials on this. And the law still restricts public gatherings.

However, we’re also currently in conversation with them about what opening buildings for services could look like. 

Last week I spoke with Andrea Khanjin, our local MPP, as she reached out for input from faith leaders. I’m also staying in touch with MPs, John Brassard and Doug Shipley.

Let’s support and pray for our leaders as they are facing unprecedented difficult decisions.

2. When we can gather safely

Your family’s safety and the safety of the people we’re trying to reach is our top priority. 

Even when the government does allow us to open buildings, we will need to be able to do so in a way that keeps everyone safe. We are after all, a larger church. 

Sanitization, equipment, social distancing, child care, and at-risk guests are just a few of the considerations. We are currently working in the background on a measured approach to ensure that when we decide to gather physically, we can do so safely.

3. When we can offer a quality experience

It’s important to keep in mind that when we are given permission to open, protocols may make it very difficult to offer a quality service experience. For example, 40 people spread out and wearing masks in a room that seats 400 isn’t really a great Sunday where you can invite friends or even bring your kids. 

Until we feel we can offer a great Connexus service in our buildings, online will be a better experience for all of us as we invite people to join us.

Having said all of this, can I ask you to do something?

Let’s stay on mission together. Even over a gorgeous summer.  

Connect with us weekly and invite your friends. The mission of the church never goes on vacation or takes a break. 

So please share our services with your friends, invite them to join you online, and be FOR your neighbours and friends. It’s never been easier to invite.

People need Jesus, especially now.


P.S. Are you caught up with our new series, The Rise of the New Normal, with Carey Nieuwhof? It’s a powerful reframing of the moment you’re in and we’re in as a culture. Catch up here.


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