InsideOut Parent Experience: When passionate “bridge builders” get together


Something special happens when a group of people who are really passionate about the same thing get in one room together; This past Sunday's InsideOut Parent Experience was a night just like that.  As leaders and parents we are all looking to build relational bridges that allow us to speak truth into the lives of our students, and it only makes sense for us to work together as partners!

As we got together to share about real life change in the lives of high school students, it was amazing to see parents and student small group leader connecting to talk about their lives, their roles, and imagining what spiritually could be in the lives of their kids.  Connecting with our "Orange Families" series has been great on Sunday mornings, and this was a chance to talk about how it looks practically in the lives of students as we all seek to help them take the next step in their spiritual journey.   

Parents left with their orange ball (above) with their family on one side, and the names of their son/daughter's small group leader on the other.  It's an icon to remind them that we're passionate about their kids and we're serious about partnering together.  As InsideOut leaders we may get 40-80 hours a year with our students, but parents get 3000!  It only makes sense to work together!

It was a great night of dialogue, equipping, and celebrating our passion for students!  Thanks to our parents for their ongoing support and encouragement.


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