Whats up for this Weekend?

Excited to be back to begin our new Stairway to Heaven| Highway to Hell series in Barrie this weekend. And it will be a stellar weekend in Orillia with Andy Stanley wrapping up the Simple series.

I also heard of numerous people visiting this weekend. That's exciting. Really praying for God to move even before we head into the fall. Remember our "Fill Up the Truck" event this weekend. Bring a bunch of non-perishables to your campus and we'll see how full each pick up gets.

We have been having some good healthy campus competition going with this "Fill Up the Truck" event which is great for the receiving agencies. The scoop so far is Barrie is in the lead from some of our trusty Barrie attendees dropping some boxes of items at our Barrie Campus this past week but don't let that fool you our Orillia Campus is a hearty one. We'll see how things turn out this Sunday. For more ideas of what to bring and details click here.

Here's what's up message-wise:

Orillia Campus

Simple Series Part Three: Obey

The church often mistakes Christian obedience as the first step in the Christian life. As a result, for many people the Christian faith becomes a rule based religion. Instead, the Scriptures reveal that Jesus' initial invitation is to follow him. He invites us to follow him until we begin believing that he is indeed who he says he is. This belief that God loves us and has the best in store for us, then, becomes the reason we obey.

Service times: 8:30 am and 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.

Barrie Campus

Stairway to Heaven| Highway to Hell Part One: Death Becomes Me

While it's not polite to talk about it, nothing helps us better come to terms with the meaning of life than facing the reality of our deaths. If you got a clearer understanding of your life and death, would it cause you to live differently? How would you face death, and how might you embrace life? Join us as we look at what life and death really mean for us in the light of Jesus' life and death.

Service times: 8:30 am and 10:00 am | Galaxy Cinemas 72 Commerce Drive Barrie

Looking forward to all that is ahead. Once again, thanks to our host team, family ministry team, drivers, e-team and tech teams who will rise early again Sunday to make this all come together. We love you and appreciate you!



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